Volunteer at Summer Camp!

Having Crohn’s or UC doesn’t come with many perks, but I have to say by far the best part of dealing with IBD has been volunteering at the CCFA’s Camp Oasis.

Love mountains and trees? We have them at Camp Oasis!

The past two summers, I’ve spent a week of my time in the mountains above Palm Springs laughing, crying, and learning from kids who deserve a special place to get away from the stresses of IBD in everyday life,and experience summer camp as just… a kid.

At the camp I attend in California we are in need of more volunteers (especially guys!) who are free the week of June 19th to volunteer as counselors. Even if you are nowhere near Southern California, I highly recommend applying to a camp near you. There are locations all across the U.S.

You don’t need a direct connection to the IBD community in order to join, just a love of kids, an affinity for the outdoors, and a positive outlook :)

Message me if you have any questions, and for more details on camp, you can read about my experience here and here.



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  1. Traci G. says:

    Love Camp Oasis! I attended Camp Oasis in Michigan as both a camper and counselor many years ago. I’d love to go back. Happy to see that you’re getting the word about this awesome experience

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    1. That’s awesome, Tracy! I’m so thankful for the experience and can’t wait to go again. More people should be a part of it!

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  2. Dan Chilson says:

    Nice pitch Katie!

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