‘Buch Hooch: Kombucha Success!

And just like that, my first batch of kombucha is done! I let the tea flavor with blueberries, raspberries, ginger, and combos of the berries for two days.

Raspberry Kombucha.

I “burped” the bottles each day to let the air from the fermentation process out. If the air builds up too much, it can create a tiny bomb of tea. It sounds kind of adorable, but I don’t want that going off in my emergency supplies closet… That’s where I keep all the paper towels!

I brought the ‘buch (booch?) in to work yesterday for a taste test. The overall consensus on the raspberry flavor was, “Wow! Tastes like kombucha!” which is exactly the reaction I was going for. I think we can write this experiment down as a success!

FullSizeRender-2 2

I’ve already got the next batch fermenting in the supply closet, and two coworkers are interested in adopting their very own SCOBYs when mine grow some more. This TV show might have more kombucha than it can drink before long. Maybe I can start a side biz and sell it to craft services…


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